Walking the path of history.

Walking the path of history.


Scottish weather.

Scottish weather.

The land of the whisky.

Scotland, why re you so beautiful?

First of al please excuse my rusted English.

Number 2:

I used to get them from my mom, but I am more the one who sends ‘good morning texts’.
But my best friend sends them to me, it’s somehow a bit twister up, since he is going to bed when he sends them to me.

Number 3:

This question is hard to answer, since I haven’t been in contact with pot. Additionally to that the most influential persons in my life have never spoken highly of it, therefore I have never really had interest in it or researched it.
So to answer this question, if there would be someone in my life and if it would even be my significant other, which would mean I would be interested in all he is doing, since it would be my ‘other half’, well anyway, I guess I would look into it and then make a decision on information and experience with how he would be, or behave.

Number 12:

Another questions which isn’t answered very easily.
Considering the fact that my decision making progress as well as my opinion is made upon too cultural influences, being the ‘American culture’( there are many cultures in America, I know that, but the little piece of culture I have been honored to experience and life in) and the German culture.
In Germany it is pretty normal to have a hickey at some point, what I have experienced in America or being in my American family it is not too normal and linked to being a little wild.

Therefore I think it is everyone’s own bowl of soup, and if there would be someone I would feel passionate about and in the moment of being whatever you might call it, I wouldn’t be fully against a hickey. I guess.

Number 26:

The colour of my t-shirt is yellow, the colour of a majestic sunflower.

Number 117 You didn’t ask a question therefore I can’t answer that. I know that’s obvious but oh well. Thank you for the questions, even though I kind of just posted them because I liked them not really thinking that I would have to answer them(: Take care(:
And she leaves
With someone you don’t know
But she makes sure you saw her, she looks right at you and bolts
Airborne Toxic Event (via cvltures)


Chilled Cucumber-Tahini & Herb Soup with Cumin-Spiced Roasted Chickpeas



Lost in translation—it’s all good, Studio Ghibli is just taking a break, not shutting down. 


shadows by bridgephotography


shadows by bridgephotography